Botox Hair

For almost 10 years now, botulinum toxin, better known as botox, has become part of the world of cosmetic surgery to become one of the most common treatments for the fight against facial wrinkles.

But perhaps not everyone knows that there is also botox for hair, used as an alternative to keratin for hair care.

Botox for the hair is a treatment used to give new light and rejuvenate hair that can weaken and shrink with the stress of everyday life.

Although it is known as "Botox for hair", the treatment in question does not actually contain this toxin among the ingredients.

The formula, in fact, contains a set of vitamins (D, B6 and panthenol), proteins and amino acids, which help to hydrate, soften and nourish the hair, especially if damaged by dyes, chlorine and sun.

Basically it is a set of active ingredients that help plump the hair.

Unlike keratin, in fact, this treatment does not smooth the hair, but gives volume and body, immediately giving a healthier and more cared for appearance.

Hairdressers and experts say that it is a system suitable for all types of hair, especially those chemically treated, particularly prone to split ends. Also to all those who use irons and plates very often, weakening and dehydrating the capillary fibers.

Botox for hair, among other things, is easily modulated according to needs: it can be applied only on the tips or on the entire hair.

Also excellent for those who have very thin hair and need more volume, for those who want to eliminate the annoying frizz effect and to strengthen fragile hair.

How it is done
This treatment is very simple to do.
Wash with an alkaline shampoo, which opens the cuticles and eliminates impurities, the hair is slightly dried and the product is applied, massaging it dutifully to make it penetrate deeply.

The rinsing must be carried out strictly with cold water, which closes the capillary fibers, "sealing" the product inside each.

The drying is then completed by passing a plate that goes to fix and penetrate the product even more.

The results are visible immediately and the effect lasts from 2 to 3 months.
The hair immediately appears invigorated, more full-bodied, as if it had a perennial effect of styling just done by the hairdresser.

Whether for the face or for the hair, botox is the protagonist of this era.

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